Musical Musings~Reflections on this Week's Music

January 5, 2013
  1. Jazz for the New Year
This Sunday, we will be starting the new year of 2014 off with some lovely jazz.  The prelude will feature Debby Carberry and I on the piano playing duets composed by Catherine Rollin.
A swaying lilt begins the waltz of “We Three Kings Of Orient Are” and it is the notes placed on off beats and seventh chord extensions that give this selection a “jazzy flavor.” In “Angels We Have Heard on High,” Catherine Rollin utilizes the technique of swinging the notes and the judicious and profound placement of rests. I encourage you to listen to them very carefully as they may easy to miss.  Finally, “Joy To The World” rounds off the set with swung eighth notes within a C major scale. Listen for the walking bass in the lower portion.
To create a cyclical effect, we will begin our worship service with a jazz waltz and end it with one as well. The postlude, crafted by Dr. Joe Utterback, is titled “Song of Magi” and is based on the popular Christmas Carol “We Three Kings.” This work is a great example of how music can describe various methods of walking.  Added embellishments (i.e. slides and tremolando) color the theme throughout. Listen closely for the articulation in the left hand, that will at times be staccato. After the theme is introduced twice, a two-part blues follows in the manuals and pedals with the pedals depicting the walking bass. The end of the piece emulates a processional that could take place in New Orleans as it swings and hops and slides. 
                                                                                    ‘til Sunday-Robert Morehead
Other music selections:
Introit: Who Would Think That What Was Needed (John Bell)
Hymn of Praise: Joy To The World (#40)
Act Of Praise: ‘Twas In The Moon Of Wintertime (#61)
Children’s Song: This Is Where Children Belong
Hymn of Response: All Things Bright And Beautiful (#267)
Choral Offering: A Stable Lamp Is Lighted (Wilbur/Hurd)
Communion Music: The Nativity, Lullaby Medley, Pastorale (Arr. Ann Buys)
Hymn of Dedication:  Good Christian Friends Rejoice (#28)
Sunday’s musicians:
1 Debby Carberry, pianist
2 Sanctuary Choir
Musical Musings will take a one week break and return for the week of 1/22 


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