Hymn of the Week for 4/11/21-Be Not Afraid

Be Not Afraid 

Be not afraid, sing out for joy! 

Christ is risen, alleluia! 

Be not afraid, sing out for joy! 

Christ is risen, alleluia! 

Text: Matthew 28:5; Taizé Community 

Text © 1998 Les Presses de Taizé, GIA Publications, Inc., agent. 7404 S. Mason Ave., Chicago, IL 60638. www.giamusic.com. 800.442.3358. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Send Me, Lord 

Thuma mina 


(Thuma mina.) 

Thuma mina, thuma mina. 

Thuma mina, Somandla. 

Text: South African traditional


Beautiful Savior 

1      Beautiful Savior, 

        King of creation, 

        Son of God and Son of Man! 

        Truly I'd love thee, 

        truly I'd serve thee, 

        light of my soul, my joy, my crown. 

2      Fair are the meadows, 

        fair are the woodlands, 

        robed in flow'rs of blooming spring; 

        Jesus is fairer, 

        Jesus is purer, 

        he makes our sorrowing spirit sing. 

3      Fair is the sunshine, 

        fair is the moonlight, 

        bright the sparkling stars on high; 

        Jesus shines brighter, 

        Jesus shines purer 

        than all the angels in the sky. 

4      Beautiful Savior, 

        Lord of the nations, 

        Son of God and Son of Man! 

        Glory and honor, 

        praise, adoration, 

        now and forevermore be thine! 

Text: Gesangbuch, Münster, 1677; tr. Joseph A. Seiss, 1823-1904




We Eat the Bread of Teaching 


        We eat the bread of teaching, 

        drink wine of wisdom, 

        are given here a taste of the kingdom. 

        Together joined, the greatest and the least, 

        we all are one at Wisdom's holy feast. 

1      Wisdom calls throughout the city, 

        knows our hunger, and in pity 

        gives her loving invitation 

        to the banquet of salvation.  Refrain 

2      Simple ones whose hearts are yearning, 

        come and gain from Wisdom's learning; 

        bread and wine she is preparing, 

        know her loving in the sharing.  Refrain 

3      Enter with delight and singing, 

        for her richness now is bringing 

        us this joyful celebration; 

        eat and drink in jubilation.  Refrain 

Text: Omer Westendorf, 1916-1997 

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Tune: Jerry Ray Brubaker © 1998 World Library Publications.