Musical Musings- Reflections On Sunday's Music

January 19, 2014
  1.  5 Text painting moments in “Trust and Obey”
This Sunday, the Sanctuary Choir will present an anthem composed for the Biola University Chorale by Edwin T. Childs.  I believe there are many ways the composer makes the text “come alive” in the music and I would like to point some of these out to you.  
1. The piano accompaniment shifts between flowing triplets and strictly metered eighth notes possibly symbolizing our journey with God and how it is quite unexpected at times
2.  Clearer enunciation and a slight separation  at “not a doubt nor a fear”:  I believe Christ does not want us to fear and certainly we should have no doubt that Christ has promised to never leave us as Christians.
3. “But we never can prove the delights of his love…:  Here, the men will sing this text with a delay to represent a moment of reflection. Sometimes we need to ponder about how Christ changes everything once we surrender to Him.
4. Consistent legato generally throughout: Legato means “smoothly connected” and this articulation can represent the beauty of Christ living within us throughout the journey.
5. Tenuto markings (slight hold) at “for There’s No other way..:  This slight lengthening and accent of the following text possibly represents the truth that Jesus is the only answer for our lives.
Ok, I will admit that to listen for all five of these may seem difficult, however, it should be manageable to listen for one or two of these five. May God’s presence become more real to you as you listen to this anthem on Sunday.
                                                                                    ‘til Sunday-Robert Morehead
Other music selections:
Gathering Music:  Arietta (Pachelbel)
Introit: “Variatio 5” from  Arietta (Pachelbel)
Hymn of Praise: What Star Is This, With Beams So Bright (#68)
Act Of Praise: You Raise Me Up (Graham/Lovland)
Children’s Song: This Is Where Children Belong
Hymn of Response: We Are Called
Hymn of Dedication:  Fight The Good Fight (#307)
Postlude: “Carillon” from An American Organ Mass (Purvis)
Sunday’s musicians:
1 Beth Hurrell, vocalist
2 Nathan Hurrell, vocalist
3 Bob Mc Adams, guitarist
4 Sanctuary Choir


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