Musical Musings~ Reflections on Sunday’s Music

December 8, 2013
  1. The oldest surviving complete example of a musical composition
This Sunday, there are so many musical moments to look forward to and experience (i.e. our Candlelight Carol service at 5 PM), however, I’d like to focus on something more unique for this blog.
Our Postlude at the 11 AM service on Sunday will feature Tanya Marshall playing the organ and our Exceptional Friends adding tone colors to the Song of Seikilos.
Older music does exist, however these works are primarily in fragments.  The text of the Seiklos score is the following: “While you live, shine, don’t suffer anything at all; life exists only a short while, and time demands its toll.” George Landels dates this score from around 200 BC to 100AD.   What is truly compelling is that this music may have been around at the time of Jesus or even at the time of Paul.   
Portions of the text can apply for Christians- Jesus does call us to “shine our lights” and it is important to remember how short life can be and that it truly is a gift of God.  
On Sunday , listen for the Exceptional Friends to add their talented ringing to the score that sounds similar to a hydraulic organ.
                                                                                    ‘til Sunday-Robert Morehead
Other music selections:
Gathering Music: Two Preludes on Divinum Mysterium (Arr. Held/Ragatz)
Advent Candle: Kindle This Flame Of Peace
Hymn of Praise: O Come, O Come Emmanuel (#9)
Act Of Praise: While We Are Waiting, Come (Cloninger/Cason)
Children’s Song: We Are Waiting
Hymn of Response: Of The Father’s Love Begotten (#309)
Choral Offering: Divinum Mysterium (Arr. Robert Morehead)
Hymn of Dedication:  People Look East(#12)
Sunday’s musicians:
1 Ed Bryson, organist
2 Exceptional Friends
3 Tanya Marshall, accompanist
4 Miranda Morehead, flute
5 Sanctuary Choir

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