Musical Musings~ Reflections on Sunday’s Music

December 1, 2013
  1. Picardy
This Sunday, the message will be based on the hymn “Let All Mortal flesh Keep Silence”  sung normally to the tune of Picardy.
Our Gathering Music will begin with a jazzy arrangement of the tune by Joe Utterback.  After chord streams over various pedalpoints, Utterback introduces the theme over descending and rising chordal patterns. Towards the middle of the work it is eighth note patterns , now found in twos, that increase the drama below the chimes that state the theme. After Utterback, Te Velde’s arrangement will be played. This version of Picardy includes a pedalpoint at times including two notes in the pedal line within a basic trio structure where the cantus firmus is present in the tenor range.
At the Offering the Sanctuary Choir will present Gustav Holst’s choral arrangement of the same tune. Each subsequent verse occupies a significance:
Verse 1 will be a solo above humming voices, verse 2 will be a solo only, verse 3 will include the choir singing in parts singing chords Renaissance-like and often in fifths, verse 4 will include a final, declamatory statement of the choir that will build to a rousing climax and “Amen.”
The  postlude by Frühauf will shift between loud and soft dynamics as the tune of Picardy is once again presented in all of its grandeur.  Listen for stylistic techniques of the toccata: running, repeated triplets; big chords; French harmonies, variations of touch between legato, staccato, and marcato, and even at times portato.
                                                                                    ‘til Sunday-Robert Morehead
Other music selections:
Advent Candle: Kindle This Flame Of Hope
Hymn of Praise: O Lord How Shall I Meet You? (#11)
Act Of Praise: On Jordan’s Bank The Baptist Cry (#10)
Children’s Song: We Are Waiting
Hymn of Response: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (#5)
Communion Music: Veni Emmanuel and wie soll ich dich empfangen-  arr.Rübsam
Hymn of Dedication:  Rejoice! Rejoice Believers (#15)
Sunday’s musicians:
1 Anat Kardontchik
2 Miranda Morehead, soloist
3 Graham Morehead, soloist
4 Sanctuary Choir

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