​Musical Musings~ Reflections on Sunday’s Music

November 30, 2014
  1. Meet Christ personally- Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus
Today, as we sing our Hymn of Praise, I invite you to meet Christ personally and to include Him in every part of your life including the joy of singing hymns. This same sentiment would have been shared by the librettist of our text-Charles Wesley approximately 300 years ago. In fact, Wesley provides a way for the singer to personally apply the coming of Christ throughout the hymn:
                  *"Christ is the desire of every nation"
                  * "Christ is the joy of every longing heart"
                  *  Christ "is born to reign in us forever."
Might you agree that possibly Wesley may be providing this perspective to you today: Does this mean anything to you? Is the biblical story about long-ago events or is it really about what is going on in your life?
There is no doubt that through this text Charles Wesley is encouraging us to a personal encounter with Christ. Will you take the step (if you haven't already) and ask Him into your heart today?

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