Musical Musings~ Reflections on Sunday’s Music

November 23, 2014
  1. Christ The King Sunday Choir sings: Let All The World In Every Corner Sing
Today, during the Act Of Praise our Christ The King Sunday Choir will sing a tune penned by a British Reformed pastor who moved to the United States in 1975  Erik Routley became the visiting lecturer and director of music at Princeton University and then successively at Westminster Choir College in 1976. His leadership and expertise in selecting  texts and music for  various hymnals (i.e. The Hymnal 1982)  has provided us with quality music for our worship services today.  Two of those hymns are part of our hymnal : #468 and # 405. At times, Routley would compose a new tune to a text that he deemed significant for congregations to grow in their faith.  Within the anthem, the composer explores a new approach of singing a hymn by including the refrain before, between, and after the two stanzas demonstrating excellent text painting.  Listen for the repeating text: "Let all the world in every corner sing, my God and King!"
Sunday's Prelude:   Variations on Coronation-Hancock
Sunday's Postlude:  Variations on Coronation-Hancock
Sunday's Musicians: Christ The King Sunday Choir

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