Musical Musings~ Reflections on Sunday’s Music

November 16, 2014
  1. Spirit of Service: A text that describes our "Exceptional Friends"
Today, during the Act Of Praise our Exceptional Friends will play a hymn tune composed by Rusty Edwards, Miriam Samuelson, and Alfred Fedak. When I first selected this music for our talented "Friends," I was struck by the following verse that so well depicts the atmosphere of our rehearsals:
                  "Give us the Spirit: hearts of pure gold. Lives born for servanthood  cannot grow old. Your touch is sacred. We share this love. Sacrifice                                    teaches us; there is enough!"
In other words: God's Spirit blesses and bonds us together as we serve Him through our playing. Our hearts do not grow old and in fact include a childlike approach to Jesus confirming God's sacred touch. This love carries over to others and reminds us of what is important in our lives.
What a blessing this group of talented people is -please take a chance to thank them today. 

Sunday's Prelude:   Revolution Team
Sunday's Postlude:  "Toccata" from Toccata,Adagio and Fugue (BWV 564)-J.S. Bach
Sunday's Musicians: Exceptional Friends
                                      Tanya Marshall, piano
                                      Kylee O'Donnell, flute
                                      Revolution Team
                                      Sanctuary Choir

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