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November 24, 2013
  1. Christ The King Sunday: Songs and Genres to Honor The King!
This Sunday, all of our music will be royal and honoring to our King and Savior Jesus.  A sprite introit for organ composed by Rebecca Te Velde will commence our morning service of worship. Functioning at times as a bicinium, the tune of John Darwall appears in fragments. The “bubbly” and bright registration of 8’ and 2’ flutes will be used.  Our hymns will be played in a spirit of praising the King and will  include  Coronation, Darwall’s 148th and Marion. Expect a few more decorations, trills, and colorful additions as the music will burst forth with joy!
Additionally, our Christ The King Choir will sing one of the gospel songs that has swept the nation within the last three decades titled “Hallelujah, Salvation, and Glory” composed by Jeffrey La Valley.  This song will begin by introducing the three sections and then finally layering each one of them. Improvisation and congregational responses will be encouraged.  Also, expect a reprise of the tune at some point during the service.  
Composer Noel Clive has fashioned the text for our Choir Offering and I include his notes here: "Perhaps because I grew up in the vicinity of Christ The King elementary school, this festal Sunday in the liturgical calendar has always had a Roman Catholic feel about it for me.  Various branches of the body of Christ celebrate Jesus’ lordship differently; it’s not often that we take time to praise Christ directly.
Because of the Roman Catholic, “latin-ate” sense of the occasion, I cast the text as a kind of ‘macaronic’ song: Latin and English.  Christ reigns, Christ is victorious, Christ is King: these are all truths we profess.  Pairing the text with Beethoven’s tune seemed appropriate as well, Christ’s triumph being the core of our joy in faith."
                                                                                    ‘til Sunday-Robert Morehead
Other music selections:
Gathering Music: 
A Fugue or Voluntary-William Selby
Voluntary- Mason&Webb’s Musical Library
Voluntary “Before Service”- Charles Zeuner
Hymn of Response:  Seek Ye First (#333)
Postlude:  “Toccata” from Symphony No. 5- Widor
Sunday’s musicians:
1 Christ The King Choir

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