​Musical Musings~ Reflections on Sunday’s Music

October 5, 2014
  1. Hakuna Mungu and characteristics of African song
As we'll sing "Hakuna Mungu" as our hymn of response today, I encourage each of us to listen and experience some of the common features of African music which will certainly enhance our worship of Jesus. First, "Hakuna Mungu" is set in strophic form and has a simple, repetitive melody that functions as an ostinato.
Second, this melody consists of small melodic intervals (usually 2nds or 3rds) and has a minimal compass. Third, often additional melodies are improvised while the original melody is still being sung; today, listen for the violin heterophony amongst the other lines.  Fourth, often African music includes glissandos, whistles, swoops and sounds of a raspy or buzzy quality. Some of these sounds will come from the guitars of the Revolution team. Lastly, movement remains a vital aspect of this genre; clapping and/or hand motions are encouraged. 

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