Musical Musings~ Reflections on Sunday’s Music

May 11, 2014
  1. Jesus’ resurrection-Musically Revisited
We usually commemorate Easter Sunday with loud, upbeat and joyful music, however when we really think about it, Jesus’ resurrection was quite silent. The tomb was empty-there was no sound. Jesus was gone. Today’s introit attempts to capture this through reflective alleluias sung softly and lyrically. In Martin’s  work each voice is gradually added, one by one. The simplicity and transparency of its chord progression possibly represent the beauty of Jesus’ defeat over death.  “Alleluia” is derived from the Hebrew word Hallelujah and means “Praise Yahweh” “Praise Ye Jehovah”  or even “Praise The Lord.”
Other music selections:
Gathering Music:  Toccata Brevis (Gawthrop)
Hymn Of Praise: The Strife Is O’er (#119)
Act of Praise: Jesus Loves Me (Phillips)
Children’s Song: Alive (R.Morehead/Leah)
Hymn of Response: O God For Saints And Servants  (Insert)
Choral Offering: Trust In The Lord (Gawthrop)
Hymn of Dedication: Wonders of Wonders, Here Revealed  (#499)
Benediction: Thank You For The Love That Is In This Place (Patriquin)
Postlude: Andante  (Litzau)
Sunday’s musicians:
 1 Jeremy Bosse, organ
2 Credo Quintet
3 Sanctuary Choir


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