Musical Musings~ Reflections on Sunday’s Music

April 6, 2014
  1. Maurice Duruflé’s Lord’s Prayer
The famous French organist Marie Claire-Alain said the following about Duruflé- the composer of today’s choral offering: “He did not seek to innovate; he was searching only to be sincere with himself.” Therefore, it is interesting to note that the “Lord’s Prayer” was the last work Duruflé composed, after a severe car accident in 1975 and before his eventual death in 1986. Quite possibly, Duruflé was searching for Christ’s comfort and peace.  Originally composed monophonically for male voices only, the composer released a four-part version in 1978.  The beauty of this work may lie within the composer’s emotional output:  James Frazier states that Duruflé only composed a dozen of opus numbers, however often his music was so emotional that sometimes he was brought to tears by its melodies. 
Musically, one can listen for the following amalgam of styles :
  • Gregorian chant within the theme
  • Harmonic structures reminiscent of Impressionist composers Ravel and Debussy
  • Organ influences of his teachers Dukas, Tournemire and particularly Vierne
                                                                        -‘til Sunday-Robert Morehead
Other music selections:
Gathering Music:  Choral Dorien (Alain)
Introit: Prayer Of St. Francis (Temple)
Hymn Of Praise: Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind (#345)
Act of Praise: Just As I Am (Bradbury)
Children’s Song: God’s Love and Guidance
Hymn of Response: Lord I Pray (INSERT)
Communion: Tierce en Taille (Marchand)
                        Come, Risen Lord (# 503)
                        Deck Yourself, My Soul, With Gladness (#506)
                        Now To Your Table Spread (#515)
Hymn of Dedication: Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days  (#81)
Postlude: Improvisation, Op. 1 No. 12   (Joseph Callaerts)
Sunday’s musicians:
1 Exceptional Friends
2 Tanya Marshall, organ
3 Sanctuary Choir


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