Musical Musings~ December 15, 2013

Musical Musings~ December 15, 2013
  • 5 reasons why “Wie soll ich dich empfangen” is my favorite Carol
  1. Growing up in Germany, I remember this tune and how much joy it added to the Advent and Christmas season.
  2. The melody is beautiful and sits in a comfortable range.
  3. I remain fascinated by the alternation of the duple to triple to duple time signatures. Maybe it is by chance, however I find it quite interesting that the triple meter accompanies the words “O Jesus…”.  Often it was customary to refer to the Trinity when something was composed in triple meter particularly at the time of Johann Crueger.
  4. The text is the best way to prepare for Christmas: “How shall I receive You and how will I meet You? O, (You), the desire of the world and the longing of my soul? O Jesus, give me the torch (the light) so that what brings You joy can be known to me.”
  5. It transfers magnificently to the organ.
By the way, listen for this carol, as it will be our introit for this week, sung by the Credo Quartet.                         -‘til Sunday

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