Musical Bits~Reflections on Sunday's Music~World Communion Sunday

October 6, 2013

 Celebrating World Communion Sunday

The musical focus for this worship service will be the genres of gospel and world music and I can assure you that this will be a unique celebration as we will include quite a group of talented musicians. This worship service will feature the Beulah Brass Trio, Chelsea Dawn, Jeff Gamza, Beth Hurrell, Anat Kardontchik, the Revolution Team, the River City Brass Quintet, P.J. Roup, the Sanctuary Choir and Michael Wallace.
“Lift Up Your Voice” is composed by the well-known Canadian choral composer, arranger and director. Composed in a lively and energetic gospel style, the Sanctuary Choir will present this anthem in a rhythmic, accented manner rather than lyrically. You may catch yourself singing along by the end of this anthem or even clapping with the musicians as the chorus is extremely infectious: “Lift up your voice, higher, higher ev’ry day! Lift up your voice, higher; rejoice in ev’ry way!” After a series of modulations and a few musical moments for soloists and sections, the work rises to its climax through improvisation. Listen for a rousing, declamatory finish.
A song from Sierra Leone will begin our celebration of communion. “We Are Coming, Lord, to the Table” will have a bright sound in addition to its rhythm. As is often in world music, improvised percussion parts are basically required. The SATB choral parts possibly represent a bowing down to the Lord through their strategically selected rhythms.
It is important to mention that traditional styles will not be forgotten in this worship service. As a fresh, innovative approach to the “Great Prayer of Thanksgiving,” the liturgical responses will be sung to the tune of ville du havre or “It Is Well With My Soul.” The hymn classic “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” composed by Chisholm and Runyan will begin our service of worship. Our brass musicians will accompany us on the refrains.
‘til Sunday-Robert Morehead

Other music selections:

Gathering Music: Maurer-Three Pieces, Stölzel-Bist du bei mir (brass)
Introit: Free Harmonization on “Praise To The Lord” (brass)
Hymn of Response: Thanking You, Jesus
Offertory Music: Hakuna Mungu (Revolution Team)
Communion Hymn: Let Us Talents And Tongues Employ (#514)
Hymn of Dedication: In Christ There Is No East Or West (#439)
Benediction: May The Love Of The Lord-Poh/Lim
(Revolution Team and Sanctuary Choir)
Postlude: Sonata from Bänkelsängerlieder-Speer (brass)

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