From the recording Faith Musings

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Do we know when we sin?
Do we know when we’re doing wrong?
What about those who don’t know their morals
The differences between wrong and right

What do we do to tell them about this
How do we lay aside our darkness and put on the light

Ezekiel gave them the warning
But it still stands true today
Get on your knees, turn to God and pray
Ezekiel give us the warning
And it still holds true today
Turn from your ways, turn to God and pray

Do we want our sins to weigh us down?
Do we want to be like the people of Israel?
Let’s give our people, our friends the warning
So they can have new life in Jesus Christ

What do we do to tell them about him
How do we lay aside our darkness and show the light?

He longs for you
And he cries for you
To turn to him and pray

Prayer is just conversation
Our Lord wants to spend some time with you
Please turn to him
Just turn from your ways and pray

The following document is from a workshop Robert Morehead led for the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the American Guild of Organists in 2008. If you are interested in having Robert facilitate this workshop, please contact him at