Choir Anthems for April 2017

April 2nd, 2017:
I'll Fly Away  (Brumley)
How Great Is Our God (Tomlin/Cash/Reeves)  
sing for 8:30 +11 AM services 

April 9th, 2017                  
Drop, Drop Slow Tears (Gibbons)
sing for 11 AM service 

April 14th, 2017                  
At The Cross Her Station Keeping
Crucifixus (Gabrielli) 
sing for 7:30 PM service

April 16th, 2017                
On The Third Day (Pote)                                  
Resurrection Jubilee (Jones)
sing for 11 AM service'
April 23rd, 2017                
Alleluia (Mozart)
Jubilate Deo (Praetorius)                                                 
sing for 11 AM service 

April 30th, 2017                
The Disciples Knew The Lord Jesus (Sc./Alcock)    
sing for 11 AM service

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